Learn to sing


During my 8 years as a support worker, I have supported service users with autism and other learning disabilities. During this time I have had the pleasure of attending workshops hosted and run by Rachel. These workshops have been delivered with fun and bubbly enthusiasm, and have included singing, dancing and music. What particularly stood out to me in Rachel’s sessions, was her ability to adapt her classes to a very broad
range of people with very mixed abilities. Allowing everyone participating to have a fun, interactive and educational experience using musical instruments and props. I’ve seen many service users come away from Rachel’s workshops full of positive energy and almost always a new skill or at least a new interest/hobby. I’d recommend Rachel’s workshops to everyone.

Rachel is a well-informed, dedicated teacher. She provided me with concise, thought out vocal techniques whilst also providing a safe, enthusiastic and comforting work environment.

Rachel Lawrence has brought great happiness to the charity I ran, West Berkshire Mencap.  She is very talented at teaching people with a wide range of abilities and challenging behaviour. She is patient but persistent and very encouraging and positive.   She is particularly good at enabling people to go a bit further each time and making the sessions fun, not just for the clients but also the carers.  I would not hesitate to pay for her to do sessions with a wide range of clients.  She has a great sense of humour and is very empathetic.

Rachel is an incredible singer I have had the pleasure to play with a few times, and a wonderful teacher. I asked for some lessons because I wanted to increase my range and I love singing harmonies but have a very quiet voice. Rachel gave me a series of exercises to practice daily for my range, and showed me how to project by teaching me to sing from my diaphragm, using the muscles in my core and my whole body to support my voice and push it to the next level. I improved within weeks!

Rachel is an emotive and heartfelt singer with a gift for sharing the love of music. With a wide ranging repertoire of jazz, blues, folk and originals, she brings infectious joy to group singing. She is an encouraging and generous teacher and manages to instil a confidence in the most insecure of singers.

I wanted to improve my vocals so I got a few lessons with Rachel, she was extremely welcoming, encouraging and easy to talk to. She was able to accurately pinpoint the areas I needed to work on and how my technique could be improved with useful exercises. I was really surprised how quickly I noticed an improvement in my
pitch, tone, volume and pronunciation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their singing.

I have worked with Rachel as a musician and teacher over the last two years, in London, Bristol and New Orleans. She combines a strong understanding of technique with experienced musicianship and engaging stage presence. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Rachel understands the role of the singer-as-musician in relationship to the band in many contexts. I attended a series of singing workshops in New Orleans, where Rachel taught folk songs to mixed ability participants. She used stratified and inclusive learning methods to ensure everyone was engaged and enjoyed themselves.