Around About Dusk

Around About Dusk

Around About Dusk, Bristol (UK) original project, offers a unique journey through the vibrant fusion of New Orleans jazz, European folk, and old-time influences, coming together in their distinct repertoire.

From European busking festivals to gatherings around English campfires, Around About Dusk radiates warmth. Their music, featuring captivating melodies and harmonies, tells tales of wonder and nature with nods to chanson, early jazz, and folk

Their abilities are clear (and considerable); but here on their own material they deliver a set that though informed by early jazz and classic blues, has a range of light and shade greater than the former and more like the range of emotions in the latter.Haunting melodies, tightly laced harmonies and rich vocals weave stories about wonder and nature with echoes of cabaret, chanson, early jazz and folk shifting around like growing shadows. Could be a new favourite band for you…
Steve Henwood, Programmer Glastonbury Festival (UK)

There’s an idiosyncratic feel to their sound that’s refreshing and the delivery sounds effortless. It’s playful and fun. Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the net BBC Radio 6 review.

Describing Around About Dusk as ‘utterly charming’ sounds a bit like a put-down but it really shouldn’t. They’ve absolutely nailed that French café musette sound thanks to Gus Dolding’s sinuous clarinet, judicious swirling accordion from Rachel Lawrence and an all-round proper sense of swing. Does ‘jaunty’ sound any better? They have ‘jaunt’ aplenty, whether in the intricate arrangements, economic soloing or insouciant lyrics delivered with Rachel’s easy grace, helped by a nice mix of two-step, waltz and tango grooves. – Tony Benjamin B24/7