Learn to sing


Singing lessons will help you:


  • Grow in confidence
  • Expand your repertoire
  • Gain musical expression and connect emotively to the repertoire
  • Find your own personal style and interpretation
  • Establish better practise routines
  • Improvise
  • Increase your performance skills
  • Address vocal problems and improve your technique
  • Expand your range
  • Gain better control in tone and pitch
  • Learn how to lead a band
  • Learn how to arrange a song for your voice
  • Learn techniques for working as a vocalist in a band.
  • Work on your song writing
  • Be introduced to new musical styles and genres and learn more about the songs and genres you love.
  • Learn about microphone technique
  • Enjoy exploring songs and musical expression in an encouraging environment.
  • Learn more about rhythm and musicality

Lessons are available to take place at my home in East Bristol BS15, which is easily accessible by bus. There is free and unrestricted on street parking outside.

I am also able to come to you for lessons but the fee would increase to include a small amount for travel expenses and time. I also offer online lessons to people outside of Bristol or those who prefer online learning.

Evening and day time appointments are available. Please email or call for more details.

Rachel is an incredible singer I have had the pleasure to play with a few times, and a wonderful teacher. I asked for some lessons because I wanted to increase my range and I love singing harmonies but have a very quiet voice. Rachel gave me a series of exercises to practice daily for my range, and showed me how to project by teaching me to sing from my diaphragm, using the muscles in my core and my whole body to support my voice and push it to the next level. I improved within weeks!