About Me

Rachel has been singing professionally for over ten years and is a vocalist in a variety of projects, specialising in folk, jazz, blues and swing music. She is a multi-instrumentalist, playing accordion, double bass and percussion. After studying a National Diploma in Music Practice and Performance, she now specialises in the voice and works professionally in a number of settings delivering music workshops, performing and touring with her projects and offering session musician work in the studio.

She has extensive experience and training to work with clients with additional needs providing tailored and accessible lessons in schools and colleges. Rachel provided music and movement sessions to children and adults with additional needs and has wide-ranging training to deliver workshops. Rachel also provides music workshops to older people in community and health settings.

She works with a wide range of people, runs small chamber singing groups and works with acappella vocal groups. She is adept at getting the best from those she works with and encouraging them to find their own unique voice.

She has extensive experience performing as a professional musician and would be able to support any budding vocalist to build courage and the ability to perform. She is able to help vocalists develop the confidence to sing in public, learn new songs and new skills. Rachel believes in celebrating the unique quality of people’s voices and encourages people to find their own voice, style and sound.